Smartmenu as a marketing support

The aim of Smartmenu is to make the restaurant’s everyday life easier, bring more customers to the business and build loyalty.
That’s why we support restaurant marketing both through our own channels and by offering ways to make your offer more visible on social media and search engines.

A restaurant’s online shop will not increase sales all by itself. Even if we optimise it for search engines effectively, we need to be active ourselves, which we can of course also do as a service. If the customer doesn’t know how to use the technology, we can help. We’ll get your visibility up and running, create content for social media, strengthen your brand and awareness, which translates into orders and money.

Good practices

It pays to highlight your offer in blog posts. Lunch menus, menus, drink menus, events and promotions are all great resources. 

Staff introductions and interviews, descriptions of the supply chains for raw materials and the day-to-day running of the restaurant can bring out interesting aspects of the service. At the same time, they create an image of a place that is vibrant and where things are always happening.

Questions and answers

  • We are often asked how it is possible to provide such a wide range of services at such a price? The cost to our customer is very low and the service is easy to use and reliable. It is tax deductible, which makes it virtually free.
  • The secret is in the technology. Smartmenu is a so-called SAAS service, which means it runs in the cloud (Software as a service), which means it can be accessed from anywhere and on any device connected to the internet. So you have your own account, you log in and the software is available to you. 
  • Nothing.
  • Because the software is hosted on a server, you get all development and related installations for free and don’t have to update the software yourself.
  • Product development is continuous, we listen to our partners’ feedback and are constantly improving Smartmenu to make it better and more versatile.
  • Pre-orders make the service faster and more flexible for both the customer and the restaurant. Pre-ordering is a Smart Menu feature that does not increase the price, but makes the customer experience better.
  • You can pre-order on the restaurant’s own website, Facebook and Googlen My Business page, even on your mobile phone.
  • We have taken care to ensure that the client’s visual identity and logos are visible. The tool designed to adjust the look is easy to use and we have received good feedback.
    • The need for marketing is reduced.
    • Smartmenu also creates an easy and anonymous loyalty model. Customers add a restaurant to their favourites list to be informed about the current offer.
    • The lunch offer of regulars is available at all times. The benefit is so great that the customer himself creates a warm path between the restaurant and the customer.
    • The loyalty is completely private and no marketing communications need to be sent to the customer unless he/she specifically requests it.
  • Lunch spot and Smart Menu portals will bring more visibility. You can search by location, opening hours or type of restaurant, for example.

  • Search engines will find a restaurant more easily when its link is available in several places. Especially if the restaurant has a free business profile.

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